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What is Mold Remediation?

At PWR, our certified technicians use state-of-the-art equipment and EPA-approved chemicals to eradicate any mold found in your home or business. The health and safety our your environment is our main priority. Affected areas are thoroughly cleaned and dried using our professional equipment. Any contaminated and/or unsalvageable material will be safely removed from the structure.

The Places You'd Least Expect...

Mold can grow in air conditioning ducts, damp wood, refrigerator filters, and anywhere there is water damage. Water leaks and/or water damage can easily cause mold growth underneath flooring, within a crawlspace, or inside a wall. Mold spreads easily by releasing tiny almost invisible spores that float freely in the air potentially causing serious health hazards. Even if you can’t see mold or smell mold, it can cause health issues. If you are experiencing symptoms such as sinus problems (congestion and a post-nasal drip), cough, headaches, irritated, itchy eyes or skin irritation, you may have mold. Depending on the severity of mold, the growth rate, and exposure, mold can cause more serious long term health problems. This is especially true if the person is susceptible and sensitive to molds.

Safety is Our #1!

Our clients safety is our main priority. Our technicians will keep you updated on the progress of the treatment and removal of the mold. Upon completion, the team at PWR will provide a detailed inspection and follow-up testing after treating the mold contamination. When it comes to mold removal or remediation services, our team utilizes proven techniques to return your home or business to a safe environment. In addition, we also specialize in mold prevention which allows our clients to avoid mold re-occurrences in water-damaged areas.

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