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Professional Fire Assessments

PWR is a family-owned & operated business dedicated to taking a caring & efficient approach towards fire damage. Regardless if your entire home or structure burned down, a portion of your home or structure was exposed to fire, or there is no actual fire damage but heavy smoke damage, we can effectively remedy and eliminate any type of damage as fast as possible.

When we reach your premises, one of our experts will immediately perform a quick and professional report to compile a comprehensive assessment. At PWR, our primary focus is making your experience as positive and as seamless as possible as you undergo an unexpected and tragic occurrence - such as a fire! Our proven track record and quick response time makes us one of the best fire & smoke damage restoration teams on the market from coast to coast.

Filing With an Insurance Company?

Here is a friendly tip! Give your Insurance company a call and see if you are entiled to Loss of Use Benifits or Additional Living Expenses. Many times after a fire, customers must be displaced from their home. A lot of time, some of these benifits are built into their Homeowner's policies. It may not be, but it is good to check.